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Bob Mallory is our Grower with over 40 years experience growing quality woody shrubs in East Texas area. Has a degree in Horticulture with natural talent, loves being around plants and pays attention to  customers requirement. Any questions, regarding plants.....feel free to call him at 903-882-3105. Chuck Breedlove is our sales director and has over 20 years of experience is this industry. Chuck has extensive knowledge of plants growth habits. Feel free to write him or write him an email : cbreedlove@eastexnursery.com Amber Kroenke is our Office/Inside Sales Manager. She is new addition (little over 2 years with Eastex Nursery). She is young full of energy and quick learner. In such a short time frame, she has gained enough knowledge of plant material. Email: amber@eastexnursery.com Cell: 903-590-6261. Mario has been with this nursery for over 30 years. He supervises nursery crew  and always willing to go an extra mile to help other staff members. This makes him  an integral part of the team. Zoey is our lovely on-site Dog. During normal business hours she is very friendly and likes her belly rubbed but don’t you dare make an attempt to come inside the nursery after gate is locked.....She turns into ferocious GUARD DOG and YES....She will Bite.